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Press Releases / Traditional PR
Did you know that a lot of the content found in newspapers and magazines is PR generated? This PR generated content brings with it a lot more credibility than advertising, and you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s substantially cheaper too. Think about it, would you be more likely to believe something if someone was saying it about themselves, or if someone else was saying it about them?

Our press releases include:

Step 1 – Identifying news worthy angles and researching target publications and their house styles.
Step 2 – Producing a well written, professional piece of work and sending it out to appropriate publications.
Step 3 – Following up the release with calls and emails, and then sourcing all other the coverage we have managed to achieve. We’ll even present it to you in a nice little folder.

Media Relations / Traditional PR
If you’re issuing a statement to the press or holding a press conference, we can help you arrange this and prepare what you’re going to say. We can also help you prepare for interviews so if you suddenly find yourself being called up to appear on the TV or radio and you’d like some help and guidance, just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help.
Appearances /
Traditional PR
If you think your story would make a good feature for TV or radio, we can write a press release specifically for that purpose and pitch it to the appropriate producer or editor. We’ll make them understand exactly why they should use the story and we can even provide images, video etc. We know that appearing on TV can be a little but daunting so we’ll be there with you every step of the way.
Copywriting /
Traditional PR
You know those annoying people who spot spelling and grammar errors everywhere they go? Well that’s us and we’re not ashamed to admit it. The reality is that many of your clients and potential clients will be one of those people as well. Poorly written copy does not reflect well on your business, wherever it appears. Our copywriting can cover a whole range of services, from updating existing content to maximise its impact, to creating brand new website and newsletter content. We love words and we’re sticklers for correct grammar. We understand language and we can use it in a way that allows it to achieve its full potential.
Social Media Set Up. /
New Media
Today, having a presence on social media is essential – especially if you’re looking to communicate with a youthful audience. There’s a whole range of platforms available, some will be suitable and worthwhile for your business, whilst others won’t. Whether you’re completely new to social media and don’t know where to start, or if you simply don’t have the time to set up your new accounts, we can take care of it for you. We can do as much of the work as you need us to, from research into the most appropriate platforms for you to use, to setting up your account and establishing you good foundation of fans/followers.
Social Media Management /
New Media
Being social media geeks, we understand that there’s no point in having social media accounts if you’re not going to use them to engage with your fans and followers – think of it like going to a networking event and standing in the corner ignoring everyone. Once you’ve set up your social media accounts, they need to be well kept up to date with engaging, interactive and relevant content. That’s the only way to build a proper following. If you aren’t sure how to manage your social media, or don’t have the time or inclination to do so, we can take care of everything for you.
Magazine Production / Traditional PR
As well as being PR people, we have a not so secret love of magazine design and production. So whether you need a 3 page booklet or a full 2 page magazine, we’d love to be involved. We’ll oversee your project from start to finish, generating the initial ideas, providing research into your target audience, designing the layout, and printing the finished product. If you’ve written the content you’d like to use we can work around it, or if you’d rather we took care of everything for you we can provide a full copywriting service as well.
Internal Communications Plan / Traditional PR
Public Relations (PR) isn’t just about dealing with the general public, it’s about all the different groups of people you communicate with. Managing your relationship with your employees and communicating the right information to them quickly and efficiently is crucial to a happy workforce and a successful business. Our Internal Communications services are offered in three steps, allowing you to pick and mix the best combination for you:

Step 1 – A full analysis on the current situation, allowing us to identify potential issues and set suitable objectives – in other words, what are you doing really well at the moment? And where could you make improvements?
Step 2 – Identification of appropriate tactics to achieve the objectives set – What can we do to improve communication within your company?
Step 3 – Implementation of tactics – this is where we carry out the plan put together in step two and leave you with a workplace full of happy, smiling people!
Blogging / New media
Blogs aren’t just about taking photos of yourself in your favourite outfit , they’re an increasingly popular way to engage with your audience and with like-minded people. Think of it like social media but with more words and plenty of opportunities for interaction. We recognise that different levels of support with blogging, so we have a range of steps that you can pick from to make your own perfect package (aren’t we nice?):

Step 1 - A full Wordpress tutorial so you’re confident in using it and all set to start your blog.
Step 2 – We will set up your very own shiny new blog on Wordpress and even create your very first blog post to get you started. And because we don’t like to throw you in at the deep end, if you still feel like you need some support, we can provide additional posts as an optional extra.
Step 3 – If you want to make the most of your blog, it will need to be updated on a regular basis. We can take over full management of the blog, including regular SEO friendly posts and active engagement with other blogs.
Video Production / New Media
Sometimes our clients like to tell their story in pictures rather than words. We offer a range of production services from short films and commercials, through to music videos and promos.
PR Campaign / Our Packages
In addition to our individual PR services, we also create fully integrated campaigns. A full PR campaign allows us to get creative and use a range of tools and platforms in order to achieve your aims and objectives. Our PR campaign package includes:

Step 1 - Planning and researching the campaign to identify exactly what we needs to be achieved and how we are going to achieve it.
Step 2 - Implementing the campaign using all appropriate PR and social media tools.
Step 3 - Monitoring and evaluating the results of the campaign, so you can keep an eye on our progress (and we can show you how well we’ve done at the end). Campaigns are charged on a monthly basis so can last anything from one month upwards depending on your requirements.
Social Media Campaign / Our Packages
Our Social Media Campaign package is similar to the PR Campaign package, however it only makes use of online and social media. With technology advancing so rapidly, there are plenty of opportunities to produce creative and engaging online campaigns. Our social media campaign package includes:

Step 1 - Planning and researching the campaign to identify exactly what we needs to be achieved and how we are going to achieve it via social media.
Step 2 - Setting up the required social media platforms and implementing the campaign using all appropriate social media tools.
Step 3 - Monitoring and evaluating the results of the campaign, so you can keep an eye on our progress (and we can show you how well we’ve done at the end).

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